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A martial art for the real world, taught in a relaxed and comfortable setting

Photo - Sifu Mike Adams receives advanced WingTsun (wing tsun, wing chun, ving tsun) Kung Fu training on the wooden dummy from Great Grandmaster Leung TingAre you looking for authentic training in real martial arts? Not something that looks pretty or acrobatic but doesn't work, but something that's true, efficient, and effective for real self-defense?

If you want to train in realistic martial arts, in a traditional but modern manner, you've come to the right place.

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At Dynamic Martial Arts of Bloomington-Normal, you will learn authentic WingTsun Kung Fu as taught by Great Grandmaster Leung Ting.

You'll get a great workout and have fun while learning a real system of self-defense. And you'll be part of a tradition stretching back into the mists of time and forward into the far future.

What is WingTsun Kung Fu?

WingTsun is a martial art designed to be practical and effective for regular people - people just like you.

WingTsun only requires normal flexibility (no splits!) and normal health and fitness. WingTsun uses your natural range of motion, and will naturally develop your fitness and conditioning as part of your training.

With WingTsun you'll learn to:

  • Borrow an attacker's force and turn it back against them
  • Gain strategic control of an attacker from the moment you first touch
  • Fire rapid punches like a machine gun
  • Close the gap quickly, jam up an attacker, and neutralize their ability to fight
  • Defend with your brain not your brawn, so you can defeat even a larger, stronger attacker using superior techniques

More important, you'll also gain:

  • A winning self-image
  • The confidence to achieve anything
  • A level of fitness, coordination, and balance most can only dream of

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